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4HM offers much more than just selling materials and packaging. 4HM brings a consultative approach to your specific packaging needs. With over 60 years of experience in the automation and packaging industry, we understand how to immediately bring efficiency to your packing operations. 4HM tests all packaging before selling. We understand exactly how to minimize downtime, increase production, and show major labor savings after our first on-site visit.


Perfectly Pairing Materials with Equipment for over 20 Years


Have you been looking for the right materials to perfectly pair with your automation equipment?

4HM Materials and Supplies has 80 years of combined experience in correctly matching up materials with automation equipment. We’ve been providing roll-stock films that guarantee performance for over five years now, so you know you can trust us. All we need from you is the specifications for your film, a PDF of your print, and quantities. Then we’ll create samples just for your specific equipment!
You’re in good hands with 4HM Materials and Supplies. Not only will we take care of pairing up the perfect material to get the job done efficiently, but also give you an incredible low-cost alternative that guarantees performance quality!  Imagine what it would be like if everything ran smoothly – no more worrying about any issues or complications when pairing materials with automation equipment. Enjoy having one less thing on your plate today!

Take action now by giving us specifications on film, a PDF of your print, and quantity numbers - then receive samples designed especially for YOUR specific needs! Contact us today to learn more about how 4HM Materials and Supplies can help solve all those problems associated with pairing materials into automation equipment once and for all.


The Importance of the Right Packaging 

As growers, you know the value of quality produce packaging. With 50+ years of experience and knowledge behind us, we can help your investment reach its full potential! Our solutions reinforce freshness while elevating product visibility in stores with eye-catching designs that shoppers won’t miss—not to mention they last longer than unpackaged items on shelves. In today's retail landscape where consumers make half their buying decisions based solely on the look and feel of products: let professional-grade packaging be an integral part of success for both you AND customers alike.


Count on our expertise in Produce Packaging

At 4HM, we understand that growers need more than just a piece of equipment - they want packaging solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our team takes the time to get it right: working with you every step of the way, our experts analyze your company's requirements and develop cost-effective strategies designed specifically for maximum produce protection and extended shelf life. With world-class partners in consumables & equipment on board – let us help bring success through optimal packaging!

Sneak Peek Into 4HM Testing

Short Sample of 4HM rigorous internal testing process. All materials are delivered with a performance guarantee. 


Sample of Produce Packaging offered by 4HM
Click the picture below to see a short video of a small portion of our produce packaging and automation offerings.  4HM Produce Packaging Video