Turnkey Apple and Pear Solutions

weighing and bagging or bagging directly off sizer

4HM Solutions offers apple and pear pouch bagging solutions for the food processing industry. Our machines are designed to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

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4HM Solutions Unique Offerings

A company with a broad view of niche markets. Uncovering new technologies in automation equipment while pairing with world-class materials. 

4HM Sustainable Packaging

Fast, Gentle Pear Bagging Solution

Turnkey Pear Packing Solution will bag 11 Pears Per Minute. (true production numbers) Small Footprint, dual magazine loading, and low CAPEX. This bagger can be put in line, stand-alone, or be fed off any industry sizing machine. Capable of bagging any fruits that require gentle handling. 

Fast and Gentle Pear Bagging Solutions

Automated Paper Trays

4HM now offers an end-to-end, fully-automated packaging solution that is capable of 100% Paper Trays, providing a more sustainable approach. This complete system, with its small footprint, can be integrated with any weighing or sorting system, and offers quick Return on Investment.  



100% Paper, Fully Automated Fruit Packaging

Pre-Sorter for Citrus

Pre-Sort Citrus Fruits Faster & Easily with the S90 Pre-Sorter/4HM

Take your citrus repacking to greater heights with the S90 Pre-Sorter/4HM. Reduce labor costs, improve the consumer experience, and satisfy your importers with real-time defect reports. 

Imagine a 7-foot inspection table capable of detecting external, internal, and color before sending it to retail. 

Small footprint, low Capex, and unparalleled technical support make this pre-sorter a game changer in the citrus packing arena. 


Citrus Pre-Sorter Specifically designed for Citrus and Repack Facilities

most versatile check weighing offerings in the industry

Inline, or stand-alone, check weighing is one of 4HM core business offerings. Quick ROI, detailed packing reports, and simple use are just a few of the features that make 4HM check weighing systems a must in your packing process.


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Experience does not solve problems on its own, but it helps. Coupled with our technical know-how, we can develop customer-specific solutions, enabling our customers to work efficiently.

People take center stage, whether as an employee or as a customer. Personal communication helps to understand needs faster, and flexibility in finding a solution helps achieve faster success.

Our offer is based on three pillars: planning, development, production, and set-up of innovative packaging solutions, the supply of perfectly matched packaging material, and competent after-sales service. 

Sustainable Packaging with Automation that works....guranteeed.

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